Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday, January 29, 2018

This week in 4B....

Math- We have finished up our decimals unit and are going to work on some more word problems before we move into our next unit Geometry on Monday.  Please sign and return any math tests that come home :) 

Reading- "We finished up informational reading (our who was, what was where was projects) and now we're moving on to historical fiction book clubs.  In our book clubs we talk about our books and do activities. We should be jotting at least after every chapter so we have things to talk about.  Our read aloud is Number the Stars so far it's really good and we are learning about how to jot timelines and the 5w's (who, what, when where why)"-Catherine

Writing-"We are gathering information on our topics and making information essays and books.  We've learned how to find reliable sources and how to search for what you're looking for."-Fiona

Social Studies-"We are learning about the Louisiana Purchase and acted it out.  Next we will learn about Lewis and Clark!"- Sanaiya 

Harmonicas :) 
Through our art residency students are learning how to play the harmonica. They've had two sessions so far and will be writing songs on Thursday from 10:25-11:05.  Any parent volunteers are welcome to join our class and help us rhyme! (Our lunch time is right after harmonica if you want to stick around for lunch).  

Important Dates & Reminders:
-4th Grade Special Friends Breakfast-Thursday Feb. 1st 
-Dance A Thon-It runs from Jan 19th -Feb 9th. During gym, the kids will learn new and old dance moves. A fun way to be active and boogie down! On the last day Feb 9th they can show off their moves with a little dance party during PE (Our time is 3-3:30). Parents are welcome to come but this is not an official event.
The money will be put to us towards updating our outdoor facilities such as new basketball hoops, soccer goals, stations around the track and updating the stage area.  The RSA felt this most beneficial to all grade levels.

 If you would like your child to have a yearbook at the end of the year, now is the time to order them. You won't be able to order after February 23rd. You can order through the My School Bucks website. If you are not able to use the My School Bucks website or have any questions, please contact Sarah Kaye at

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

This Week in 4B...

"In Math we are working on fractions, mixed numbers and improper fractions.  We also have to add and subtract them. We will be taking our test next Friday! We have a packet we can practice as much as we want in"-Georgia

"In Reading we are finishing up our reading groups and we will be doing a non fiction project with who was, what was, where was books.  We are looking for chronological order, problem/solution, cause/effect, and compare at contrast structures while we read non fiction.  We also have a spelling test Friday and we jot in our notebooks. We should be half way done with our 30 book challenge too!"-Catherine

"In Writing we debated about if cell phones should be at school or not to help us think about people who would disagree with us and our opinions.  We our working on our opinion organizers, writing pieces and editing.  We have to use 4th grade transition words like for example, to begin with and specifically and make sure that they make sense in the paragraph.  My opinion piece is hot chocolate is better then chocolate milk." -Lucy

"In Social Studies we are learning about different kinds of Native Americans from Missouri and where they live like the Paleo, Osage, Mound Builders and Woodland Indians.  We made small blue Missouri books to help us study why people explored and settled in Missouri."-Jack

In Science we are working with Mrs. Gilb on our Mixtures and Solutions Unit up until winter break.

Important Dates & Reminders:
*Spelling Test Friday 12/8
*Fraction Test Next week 12/15
*Opinion Writing assessment 12/13

-12/8      Friday, Field trip to LMS for music demonstration (turn in perm. slips as soon as possible)
-12/8      Friday, EARLY RELEASE
-12/15    Friday, Winter Concert 2:30 (3rd and 4th graders)
-12/18    Monday, Violin Concert (during am practice before school)
-12/21    Thursday,  4th grade winter party 12:15 (different grade levels have different times)
-12/21    Thursday, EARLY RELEASE