Monday, September 18, 2017

This Week in 4B....

We are learning: 
Reading: We are working on the parts of a story (intro, plot, problem, climax, resolution, conclusion) as well as synthesizing. 
Writing: We are working on personal narratives (stories about our lives) This week we will focus on adding strong intros, conclusions, and similes/metaphors to our rough drafts.
Spelling will be a two week unit our test will be next Friday the 29th.
Math:  We are working on Chapter 2 which includes estimation, multiples, factors, prime and composite numbers.  Encourage your child to be practicing their multiplication and division facts each night until they have them fluently, it will help us out significantly in this chapter. 

Social Studies: We are finishing up our geography unit and will have a test on Wednesday the 20th. Study guides and notebooks should be coming home to study.  We will be reviewing as well tomorrow in class. 

 Important Dates:
9/20 Social Studies Test
9/21 Library day (return books to school)
10/6 Panther Day 
10/13 Early Release Day
10/22 Fall Festival 
10/24 and 10/26 Parent Teacher Conferences

Sign up for Fall conferences here: