Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This week in 1b...

I hope everyone had a chance to play in the snow over the weekend!  With our chilly weather please remember to send your child with proper winter attire.  They go outside for PE and recess if the temperature is above 20 degrees.  

In Math students are finishing up Unit 3 this week.   This unit focused on counting larger numbers, subtraction and story problems.  Please continue working on lightning math at home.  If your child brought home lightning math and it did not come with instructions please let me know and I will be happy to send home additional ones.

The Far North Native American Region will be taught this week and we will also recap all of the native american regions in Social Studies.

We are continuing with informational writing and creating "teaching books"  they are turning out wonderful!  Students also wrote a prompt for Social Studies comparing and contrasting a native american child to a modern child.

In Reading we are finishing up retelling and will be moving on to visualizing beginning in January.  

Important Reminders: 

12/13  early release at 1:15  Please be sure that your child knows how they are going home.


-Miss Bergin

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This week in 1b...

I hope everyone had a fantastic break!  We are very busy in these weeks leading up to our winter break:)

We are continuing to work on retelling our stories in Reading by including setting, characters, problem, solution, beginning, middle and end.  This helps students with their comprehension and making connections to their own lives by talking through the story afterwards.  We are also working on consonant blends such as bl-, br-, cl-, tr- etc.  

In Writing we are continuing to write informational pieces on Native Americans and things that we know how to do.

In Social Studies we are learning about the Eastern Woodlands Tribes.  Our guest speaker spoke about these tribes and many of their customs.

Lightning Math will be coming home on Friday with a letter attached and full instructions so be sure to check your child's folder.  This will help your child's fact fluency.  We are also continuing to work on problem solving and writing numbers to 120.  

4th: Peace Museum from 6:30-7:30
13th: Early Dismissal at 1:15
18th: Walk in the Park 1-1:30
20th: Winter Parties 2:30-3:30

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This week in 1b...

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!  Here's what's happening in 1B this week.

In Reading we are working on retelling what we read.  This includes the setting, characters, problem, beginning, middle, end and solution.  Students have been doing excellent with this!

In Math we are continuing to focus on subtraction and subtraction word problems.  If students do not complete their workbook pages at school I will be sending them home to be completed.  Word problems can be tricky especially since students have to decide if they are being asked to add or subtract.

Informational writing is our main focus for the remainder of the quarter.  Students are having so much fun teaching what they know through this form of writing.  They especially love writing the "about the author" part.  We are working on abbreviations and transferring what we have learned in our handwriting books to our work in all subject areas. :)

The Northwestern tribes are our main focus of the week in Social Studies.  We will be learning all about longhouses and totem poles.


-Tomorrow is walk in the park during our PE time at 1:00-1:30, feel free to come out and join us!
-Thursday, 21st- we have library-please send all library books to be returned.  Also, this is the last day for after-school classes
-Friday, 22nd-OB Dine Out Night @ Pei Wei
-Old Bonhomme Barnes & Noble Book Fair is this weekend @ Ladue Crossing
-26th is Our Annual Old Bonhomme Giving Assembly- So far, our classroom has collected zero items.  Donations of canned good, books and schools supplies, gently used clothing, baby supplies and toys will be collected through Monday, November 25th.
-27th-29th-Fall Break (No School)

*If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
-Miss Bergin

Monday, November 4, 2013

This week in 1b....

Hi Parents!

Students are very excited that this week we are starting our Native American Unit in Social Studies (we have a class tepee-pictures coming soon)

In Math we are focusing on addition word problems and combinations of numbers.  Please be sure that you are using Moby Max or 1xl at home.  I can see who has been logging on and the progress that they have been making already with those math facts.  Keep up the great work!

In Writing we are continuing to work on informational writing or "how to" stories.  They are turning out wonderful.

In Reading we are working on retelling.  After reading each night, have your child retell the story in order to check for comprehension.


*We have a book study on the book RULES which is a fantastic and easy read.  Please visit the Old Bonhomme website for more information

November 7th-Picture retake day

November 8th- This Friday 9:45-11:45 is our field trip to the Art Museum.  We are in need of parent chaperones for 1B so if you are willing please email me as soon as possible.

November 15th-Friday No School -Professional Development

November 27th-Fall Break

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This week in 1B..

I hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend!

In Math we are finishing up our 3D shaped unit and moving on to solving story problems.  If you have any questions about logging in to Moby Max or 1XL please let me know I am happy to help.  I have seen that many of you have been practicing which is excellent!

We are learning how to be informational writers.  Students are really excited to be teachers and show off what they are experts about in writing.  Students are working on letters m, h, b, f and q this week.

In Reading we are finishing up our making connections unit.  After reading at night, have students retell the story and make a connection.  (When I read (title) it reminded me of...(text to self connection).

In Social Studies we are finishing up our Bat research and activities.

*I sent home an optional fall packet and resources.  If you ever need any resources please do not hesitate to ask, I am happy to send things home.


-Tomorrow is vision screening, if your child wears glasses please be sure to send them.
-This week is red ribbon week (Wednesday wear boots,  Thursday wear crazy socks)
-Thursday fall parties begin at 2:30.  Be sure to send your child with a roll of toilet paper for an activity.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This week in 1b..

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and are excited about the World Series!  I know that your children are :)

Here's what we are up to this week...

In math we are learning how to identify 3D shapes.  I will send home a worksheet just for your child to review, you may ignore the faces, edges and vertices part unless you would like to challenge them.

In reading we are focusing on making connections with what we read.  We are also working on digraphs such as wh as in whale and -sh,-ng,-ph, and more.  Here is the digraph song we have been singing as we come to the carpet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFQ2g_AZW4c&list=PL71A2A1C9B3FA07B9

In writing we are starting our unit on informational writing.

In social studies we are continuing research on bats.

-Today and Thursday are conferences.  The link below is the sign up sheet if you do not remember your time.  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0D44AEAF22AAFE3-fall

-There are no after school classes today due to conferences.

-Red Ribbon Week begins tomorrow.

-There is a 1:15 dismissal on Thursday and no school on Friday.

Have a wonderful week!
-Miss Bergin

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Check out the link to see a few pictures from the first grade social!


Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon week is October 23 through October 31. Each fall, schools and community organizations across the United States focus on turning young people away from drugs/bad choices during Red Ribbon WeekRed Ribbon Week participants promote positive choices, good character, and a healthy lifestyle for children of all ages. This is a good time also, for you to talk with your children about drugs, safety and being the best they can be. Take some time to get involved. Plan some special activities at home to celebrate being drug free/making healthy choices. Some examples are below:

  • ·      Participate in the OB community wide book study Rules by Cynthia Lord. 
  •       Hide Red Ribbons around the house, when they find one they get a coupon to do something special with the family.

  • ·      Have a Red Ribbon Week Dinner highlighted with red foods.

  • ·      Tie a Red Ribbon around a tree in your yard or ask a neighbor or local business if you can tie some around their trees.

  • ·      Make Red Ribbon placemats with prevention/self esteem messages.
At school we have the following planned around the theme OB Monsters Team Up to Make Good Choices. We wanted to give you plenty of time to plan your child's outfits.  
Wednesday, October 23  (Walk in the Park)  H is for Healthy Choices and Healthy Choices are for meStudents are encouraged to wear a RED T-shirt/sweatshirt and exercise pants.     
Thursday, October 24 (Early Release Day)  OB Monsters Have Manners  Students are encouraged to wear monster related clothes. Please no masks or props.
Friday, October 25  (No School) 
Monday, October 28  OB Monsters Show Their SpiritStudents are encouraged to wear OB colors (blue and white) or spirit wear.
Tuesday, October 29  (4th Grade Musical) OB Monsters team up to make a difference.Students are encouraged to wear their favorite team jersey, shirt, or personal team uniform.
Wednesday, October 30    OB Monsters stomp out bad choicesStudents are encouraged to wear boots (cowboy boots, snow boots, rain boots, dress boots).
Thursday, October 31   OB Monsters Look in the MirrorStudents are encouraged to show their individuality by wearing socks to show their personality. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Check out what we're learning in math!

This week in 1b...

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and cheered on our sports teams!

In Reading we are learning about fiction v. nonfiction.  We are also talking about how to make text-to-self connections with stories.  I hope everyone is continuing to read at home each night.  I've been noticing the improvement-keep up your hard work!

We are classifying shapes in math and have been learning about quadrilaterals, isosceles triangles and equilaterals.  We have also been working a lot on our math facts (adding and subtracting).  Your child should be a pro at adding and subtracting 1 and 2 from other numbers.

In Writing we are finishing up writing small moment stories.  I can't wait to share their fantastic work with you at conferences, you are going to love their work!

Bats are our focus in Science this week.  We are learning how to be researchers and are really excited about bats!

-We have library on Thursday please start looking for those books at home :)
16th-OB Dine Out Night 5pm
22nd-PM Conferences
23rd-Red Ribbon Week kickoff (OB Monsters Team up to Make Great Choices) We will also be kicking off a book study on the book Rules.
24th-Early dismissal and conferences
25th-No School

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This week in 1b...

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend!  A special thanks to our parents who volunteered for field day on Friday, it was a little toasty outside.  :)

We are currently working on geometry in Math and using terms such as quadrilaterals, polygons and triangles.  By the end of the week students should be able to compare shapes and define these terms.

Students are doing a fantastic job creating personal narratives in Writing.  They have been bringing their stories to life using quotation marks and sounds in there stories. 

In Reading we are learning how to talk about books with one another and strategies we can use while reading.  If you need help finding books that are on your child's independent reading level, I would be more then happy to help them select these from our library.  Sometimes they just like to pick books for you to read to them :) which is perfectly fine.

Since this is Fire Safety Week, we will be focusing on fire related activities during our social studies time.  Tonight a home safety plan went home as homework due tomorrow.  Please use this as a time to discuss safety procedures in your home.


-Tomorrow is National Walk to School Day 
-Friday is 1:15 dismissal
-Conferences are Tuesday 8/22 and Thursday 8/24.  If you have not yet signed up please check your child's folder or visit this link. 
-Red Ribbon Week will begin the 23rd.  More information will be sent home about themed days to get students excited about making good choices.
-We have no school Friday 8/25