Monday, August 26, 2013

This week in 1b...

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  Here's what we are up to this week!

In Reading, we are continuing to build our stamina as independent readers as well as selecting just right books (they will be learning an IPICK rap in the near future to remember how to select appropriate books).

We are working on more capital letters this week in handwriting and writing about how to be successful eagles in all aspects of our school community.

In Math we are learning how to compare numbers and count backwards.  If you have not already, please return the game that was sent home over the weekend so that I can send home a new math game to play.

We are continuing to work on expectations and building our community to create a positive learning environment during our Social Studies time.


  • Tomorrow at 6:30 is Curriculum Night at Old Bonhomme Elementary.  You will be going to a PBIS presentation for the first fifteen minutes which is on our building expectations.  Afterwards I am thrilled to have you as visitors in room 301.  See you then!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We had a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

In the fabulous First Grade we are learning lots of new and exciting things...

We started out our morning meeting today learning how to say "we love first grade" in Chinese, Hindi, African and Italian.  We are so lucky to have so many first grade friends who seem to be experts at these languages, very impressive!

In Math we have already started our first unit and practice pages from class as well as a family letter should have made their way home Monday.  This handout had lots of tips on how to reinforce our math learning at home, please let me know if you would like an additional copy.  I will try to make games for each unit to send home as homework to help with this as well.

We have started our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum where students have learned how to properly hold their pencils and sit with proper posture.  We will begin writing letters tomorrow so look out for some amazing handwriting soon!

In Reading we are working on building our stamina as readers and selecting appropriate books that are just right for us as individuals.  We have learned how to take care of our classroom library and our books.  This Friday I would like to have each student bring their favorite book from home for our reading museum.  The idea behind this is to get students talking about their love for reading.  We are even going to make imovie book recommendations coming up to recommend our books to one another.

In Social Studies we are continuing to work on being Eagles and Soaring with our outstanding behavior.


-Please be sure to send your child with a healthy snack for the morning if they would like one.
-Students should select their favorite book at home to bring in for our reading museum on Friday.
-Entertainment books will be coming home tomorrow to support the OBPTO.  Please be sure to send the book back or a check for the book.  Remember that every purchase helps our PTO, they appreciate all of the parent support.

Please feel free to contact me at any time!

-Miss Bergin