Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This week in 1b...

Hi Parents!  Here is a message from our guest bloggers and the Presidents song & dance students learned in PE to go along with our first grade social studies curriculum. 

The U.S. Presidents by Old Bonhomme Elementary

Reading: "We read a story about Gregory the Terrible Eater and we write about the characters, the setting, the problem and the solution.  We remembered fiction is fake they start with f's and non-fiction is real like with facts."-Bridget

Writing: "In Writing we are writing fiction stories, I am writing about a banana and a boy who didn't like to share and the banana talks." -Aaron

Math: "We are working on adding word problems like if there were 8 crayons and there are more blue crayons we make a problem like 5blue +3red =8 crayons.  We play roll and record subtraction, five in a row subtraction, race our partner to see who is the fastest at math facts and we used the ipads to play math games, it's fun!"-Chase

Social Studies: "We read books about the dentist and we have 20 teeth when we are kids!"-Lana

*Remember to practice spelling words and lightning math throughout the week.

Upcoming Events/ Reminders:

Tomorrow will be the last day for the Scholastic Book Fair, OB Library

5-Principals Day is a western theme to show the Sheriff of Old Bonhomme how much we appreciate her.
7- Early Dismissal, 1:15p.m.
7- Passport Night, 6:30-8:30p.m.
10- 4th Gr. Home Alone Class, 4-6p.m.
11- Parent/Teacher Conferences, 4-8p.m.
13- Early Dismissal, 1:15p.m.
13- Parent/Teacher Conferences, 1:15-6:30p.m. --please make sure you signed up :)
14- NO SCHOOL- Conf. Compensation Day
17-21 NO SCHOOL- Spring Break
28- Quarterly Newsletter goes home
28- Family Fun Night @ Creve Coeur Ice Arena, 6-8p 

Have a fabulous week!
- Miss Bergin

Thursday, February 20, 2014

We have a short week this week in 1b and a lot of exciting things going on!

Medical Alert to all Parents:

I am starting to see more students in all grade levels with illnesses of stomachache, nausea, and vomiting.  Most of the students do not have fevers.  Please keep your children home if any of these symptoms occur and they may return to school after 24 hours symptom free.

If you have any questions, please call me or email.


Thank You!

Roxanne Comens, RN

Math: "We are making ten playing go fish.  We have to also do these story problems with missing parts.    It's kind of challenging but easy for me.  We have to remember to make a line when they don't tell us all the numbers and you need to check if your answer is right!"  (Ie. There were 6 birds in a tree.  Some of the birds flew away.  4 birds were left in the tree.  How many birds flew away?  6-_ =4)  -Margaret

Social Studies: "We learned about Washington and those symbols Statue of Liberty and the Flag and the bird for peace you know the Bald Eagle! Oh I know why we have President's Day.  We made some funny president hats.  We also learned about teeth and how to keep them clean so we don't have wood teeth like the presidents did."-Ali

Reading: "We learned about Non-Fiction, table of contents, bold words which means those words that are really dark, captions that tell what the pictures are and the headings are at the top like your head is at the top of your body.  Miss Bergin I used the posters to help me explain that, is that okay?"-Carter

Writing: "Well we are doing our opinion writing and we have wrote our opinion with fruit, cookies, and ones you could choose.  The one we did the day before yesterday was "Hey, Little Ant!" and we were convincing people if the Boy should or shouldn't squish the ant."-Brie


-Thank you to all that have signed up for conferences so quickly!

-Tomorrow is 120th Day!  Students may dress up as a 120 year old if they would like, further instructions were sent home in a note this week :)

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Have a Wonderful Week!

Miss Bergin

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

From Coaches, Jander, Prange, and Jackson...

We are SO excited to announce that WE DID IT!!!  We have been working for WEEKS in P.E. to learn ALL of the United States presidents in order from Washington to Obama and we've done it!!  TomorrowFeb. 13th, will be our "performance day."  We'd like to encourage the kids to wear patriotic blue and white along with their Valentine red.  

This has been a great lesson in practice, taking small steps, and making it to a long-range goal.  It's also been a great lesson in connecting learning to MOVEMENT (and funny stories, too.)  Be sure to ask your child about it!

Monday, February 10, 2014

This week in 1b...

We had a wonderful day in 1B!  Here's what's happening in first grade in our first grader's words :)

Reading: "We did Daily 5 and read George Washington and the General's Dog.  We wrote the beginning, middle and end and are saying I wonder's like I wonder if the lost dog is the other generals dog.  George should have taken his least favorite dog to war because his most favorite could die or get lost like the other dog." -Travis

Writing: "We are learning how to write opinions.  Today we got to write about anything we had an opinion about.  We learned OREOS help us remember opinion writing.  O stands for Opinion, R stands for Reason, E stands for Example and O stands for Opinion (write your opinion in a different way, like you can't use the same sentence as your first one."-Sanjana

Math:  "We're doing i pads, fact practice, math journals and measuring things.  Today we learned fractions like halves and fourths." -Audrey

Social Studies: "We read about vegetables and that you need to eat 2 and 1/2 cups a day so that's like 25 percent of your plate.  Broccoli, carrots and green beans are my favorite vegetables." -Linden

Spelling:  "Well we have to practice our spelling words everyday in a packet.  We have to like color the vowels, rainbow write, write them in abc order and practice our words A LOT.  Spelling is hard."  -Hannah

*Spelling tip for the week:  If you write your child's spelling words with a dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror they can practice while they brush their teeth.  Our test will be on Thursday along with our lightning math!

12-OBPTO Mtg. 9a.m.
13-Valentine’s Day Parties, 2:30-3:30p.m. 
(I will sent a list of class names home tomorrow we have 18 students.)
14- NO SCHOOL- Prof. Dev. Day17- NO SCHOOL- Presidents’ Day24-27 Scholastic Book Fair, OB Library27- FGC Parent Night (4th Gr. Parents), 6:30-7:30p.m. 

*Please sign up for conferences:

Thank you!
Miss Bergin

Monday, February 3, 2014

This week in 1b...

We have some guest bloggers from our classroom to tell you what we are learning about!

Math: (measuring) "We learned about time like on a clock and how to split shapes into halves.  I like the clocks that just tell you the number! (digital)  I learned how to read the other clocks today."-Haydan

Reading: (I wonder statements to help with comprehension) "We read An Extraordinary Egg and Jessica (the frog) thought the egg that hatched was a chicken but it was a crocodile haha, so funny.  Before the egg hatched we asked our partners what we wondered."-Zhuoer

Writing: (opinion and persuasive writing) "We got our new spelling words, I love spelling.  Spelling is so fun.  We have been writing our opinions about fruits, cookies and candy.  I'm pretty convincing."  -William 

Social Studies: (health and dental awareness)  "All fruits are healthy.  Eat good food like vegetables that's all.  If you don't eat healthy food and you just eat sugar, your teeth will get yellow or green.  If you eat good food your teeth will be feeling good."  -Sosina 

-We are beginning spelling this semester!  Your child's spelling words are in the back cover of their take home folder.  They will have a test on Friday and an in class spelling activity each day.  Please practice the words with your child at home.

-February homework is being sent home today.  Please return to school when completed.


-OB tech week is this week!  Please join us at our computer time Wednesday from 3-3:30.
-Valentines parties are February 13th from 2:30-3:30.  Please remember not to include candy with their valentines.
-14th-No School Prof. Dev. Day
-17th-No School-Presidents' Day

Have a wonderful week!

-Miss Bergin