Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This Week in 1b...

I heard that everyone had a wonderful Spring Break!  We talked about some fantastic vacations, fun at the J, new cars, new refrigerators and seeing friends in the park.  A lot of highs were shared :)

Math: "We are solving problems with missing numbers-they are fun (ie. 5=4+?).  We did jumping jacks to practice counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's." -Mariela

Writing: "We're writing fiction stories, we make up characters and the background.  We can also write realistic fiction where a puppy can talk or have super powers."-Haydan

Reading:  "We listened to poetry and acted out the movements.  We learned sometimes sentences can be on many lines and they don't always rhyme but sometimes they do." -Zhuoer

Science: "We planted lima beans before spring break and now they have rooted and became seedlings and some peoples had mold on them-it was gross.  We also planted a mystery and a plant we got to choose.  We sang a weird song to muffin man about the parts of a plant." -William

28-Family Fun Night @ Creve Coeur Ice Arena, 6-8 pm
31-4-MAP Success Week (orange sheet went home with dress up themes)

1-First Grade Musical, 10am and 7pm (costume information went home yesterday on a green sheet)
9-OBPTO meeting in Cafeteria, 9:15 am
11-OB Science Night, 6pm