Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This week in 1b...

We are having a wonderful Spring in 1b!  I hope all plants made it home safely and those who did not have luck with their plants I replanted new seeds that were sent home so keep up the watering and something soon will sprout (fingers crossed).

Math: We learned how to use patterns to solve word problems.

Writing: We wrote a Science opinion piece on weather.

Science:  We are finishing up learning about clouds this week and moving into our Magnet Unit.

Reading: We are continuing to work on poetry elements as well as writing our own.  Our focus in reading groups is identify problem solution and main events.


-Tomorrow is Library
-Our class would like to have a blue day tomorrow in honor of the BLUES being in the playoffs.  

Please see below a letter from Mrs. Brown:

Hello Families!!!
I would like to invite you to our 2nd Annual Old Bonhomme Spring  Interactive Spring Art Show with QR codes!

APRIL 22, 2014 7-8PM

What is a QR code?
 Quick Response code, abbreviated QR CODE is a matrix  two- dimensional barcode readable by QR scanners on smartphones, ipads, ipods, etc..  more information here:

How does it work?
Before the art show, download a free QR code reader on your Smart Device. (phone, ipad etc.) Whenever you see a barcode, you can scan it to listen to a familiar voice share an audio of information about the art piece you are viewing.

Download one of these FREE QR code Readers from the APP store or Google Play.
Google Play: QR DROID

For more information visit this link:!interactive-art-show/c2270

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This week in 1b..

We are very excited about the jump rope for heart ducks in 1B!  Please read an update from Coach Jander and Coach Prange: 

O.B.'s 10th year of Jump Rope for Heart is coming to a close this week.  With fewer students in the building this year, we didn't plan to try to beat our record.  But we ARE CLOSE!!!  Last year, we raised a record $15,035 and we are currently around $14,000.

Let's do it, O.B.!!  Every little bit adds up.  

Please join us for our big JUMP event on Friday during your child's P.E. class.

Math: "We are doing patterns and making a pattern using units.  We also have to do word problems like    if someone picked 2 apples a day what day will they pick 24 apples- the answer is 12.  It's fun that we get to color our patterns" -Chase

Science: "We put some seeds in a cup and watered it and my baby plant died and my other plant got really big, the biggest in the class and it is a green bean plant.  Plants need air, water, and sunlight.  We are letting our plants get big so we are waiting and learning about weather.  We got to see hail in real life and its like snow kind of or a marble or frozen water.  I hope everyones parents cars are okay and not smashed from hail." -Aaron  (We are beginning to learn about clouds stay tuned for next weeks report.)

Writing: "We finished our fiction stories and writing poetry.  We wrote a poem about ourselves and silly animals."-Mariela

Reading: "We listen to poems and make a picture in our head (visualize) sometimes we act out the poems." -Lana

11- OB Science Night, 6p.m.
17- Parent Advisory Mtg. 7-8:30p.m.
18- Early Dismissal- Prof. Dev. 1:15p.m.
22- OB Spring Art Show and Open House, 7p.m. 23- Walk in the Park (during PE)