Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This week in 4B...

We started our week with our PJ party and checking out the Scholastic Book Fair and making our "wish lists."  It was a FANTASTIC Monday!

Here's what we are up to this week...

"In Math we are learning decimals and fractions.  We are learning how to make decimals and turn them into fractions and place them on a number line.  It is getting easier."  -Kourtney

"In Reading we're finishing the book Number the Stars with our Skype book club friends in Minnesota!  We are also working on our cursive, reading groups and spelling."  -Zakiya

"We finished up our literary essays which is an essay about a book and its theme." -Maddie

"The three states of matter are what we are learning about in Science.  Tonight we have to get our tests signed and returned for homework." - Rami

In Social Studies we are reading about the Frontier Life and what it was like to settle in Missouri.

-Family Book Fair Night is tomorrow the 25th from 5:00-7:30p.m.
-Sign and return Science tests (tomorrow)
-Sign up for Spring conferences http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d44aeaf22aafe3-spring1
-Please fill out our class survey, I would love to hear from each of you!

Stay warm this week! 

-Miss Bergin

Monday, February 9, 2015

This week in 4b...

Wow!  What nice weekend weather we had!  Your children talked about how much fun they had outside.  :)  We have another busy week planned.

We have started FRACTIONS in math.  Although we love coloring in the figures we seem to be a little intimidated working with them.  Students have been working on comparing fractions and adding and subtracting them.  They have some excellent resources in their binders to help them with these things.

Students began Mixtures and Solutions with Mrs. Crawford.  They got a nice introduction last week and Science class will be in full swing this week.

We will finish up our last week of literary essays.  Ask your child what the theme is of their current book they are reading at night and what they think the author's purpose is.  Have them give you examples from the text.  This will definitely help them out when they are writing about their reading.  Also, just a reminder to continue working on the 30 BOOK CHALLENGE.   If you need help finding any books or genres from the school library let me know and I will be sure to help you child remember to check it out.

In Reading, we are continuing author's purpose and theme to help with writing literary essays.  In grammar we are working on homophones and boy are we learning some vocabulary through this!  :)  In addition to our guided reading groups we are also reading a class Novel Number the Stars and discussing with our friends in Minnesota!  It is lots of fun to meet up each week and discuss what we have read.  It definitely has added a level of excitement to reading.


-Wednesday- library
-Thursday- Valentine Party @ 2:30
-Friday-NO SCHOOL (Professional Development Day)

Have a Marvelous Monday!