Monday, August 29, 2016

This Week in 4B...

We are off to a fabulous start in 4B!

Quick Reminder: 
-Tomorrow (8/30) is picture day (we are scheduled at 10ish thank goodness before recess and PE) AND Curriculum night (6:30-8:10)

Here's what we are up to this week...

"In Math, We are learning about place value and word form.  We are also practicing adding and subtracting millions and thousands"-Sarah
*Our Spelling test this week will be on numbers so that Miss Bergin can read our "word form" and know what we mean.  We have a spelling test Friday.

"In Reading, we are learning to stop and jot when we read and how to think about the characters feelings and thoughts.  We have a 30 book challenge, you have to read at least 30 chapter books this school year.  It will probably be hard." -Grace

In Writing, we have started our personal narrative unit (stories we write about ourselves and our experiences).  We are also getting ideas and writing in our writer's notebook for fun.

In Science we started our Rocks and Minerals Unit today.  We specifically know the rock cycle so far.  :) ask you child about their song or dance moves.  

In Social Studies we are learning about maps, continents, and how to locate things (without using Siri).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a Marvelous Monday!