Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This Week in 4B...

I hope everyone had a fantastic break! Here's what we are up to this week!

We are moving our focus from fiction to non fiction reading.  Please encourage your child to "stop and jot" or ask them questions about their reading.

We are still working on opinion writing up until our winter break.  We are getting the hang of how to organize our ideas before we write.

In Social Studies we are finishing up our unit on Early Missouri History.

We have Mrs. Rigdon for our science unit Mixtures & Solutions.  We will switch for science units to prepare for all of the switching next year.

In Math we are continuing with our multiplication tests.  Our x8 test is Wednesday and our x9 test is Friday.  Students can take more than one test if they need to get caught up.  I've sent home practice pages to help with their fluency as well.  Our next unit is Multiplication and Long Division (with lots of word problems).  As always, initial the homework if it is too challenging or has a different way then you learned.  I will gladly help out the following day.

-Please sign and return Unit 3 Math tests
-Encourage your child to slow down and write or discuss what they are reading.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

This Week in 4B...

Happy Tuesday!

"In Math we are learning how to do division with remainders.  We have a study guide due Thursday and our test is Friday.  We need to study and practice each night.  We are also taking our X7 fact test this week."  -Will

"In Reading Mrs. Bergin is reading us Fish in a Tree and we are practicing writing down as we read and we also practice with our own books." -Kate

"So in Writing we are doing opinions and some people are doing favorite restaurant, do cell phones belong in school or their favorite vacation.  We have learned how to start our essays, how to state our opinions and give reasons why."-Sarah

"In Social Studies we have learned about the Missouri Indians and also made a Missouri Fact book about how they lived." -Carter

"We are doing our split unit in PE (Football & Tumbling).  We are working on running and passing drills.  For tumbling we are practicing how to do back bends." -Paul & Sarah

Important Dates:
-Mark you calendars! Our Jeff City Trip will be May 3rd-more details to come!
-Permission slips are going home today for our music trip to the middle school (in December).  Please send them back to school as soon as possible.
-FRIDAY is our Math test on Unit 3 (please let me know if you will be out of town and when you would like your child to test, I tried to avoid testing the following week because many of you have travel plans)
-11/23 we have no school and begin our Fall Break.