Friday, October 20, 2017

This week in 4B...

I wanted to send this a little early to send a reminder about picture retake day Monday. 
If you are not happy with your school pictures, please have your child bring their original pictures with them so they can be taken again. If your child was absent on picture day, please send them with an order form oprinted online order page.

We have some guest bloggers to tell you what we are up to this week: 

Math-"We finished 3X2 multiplication and we are moving on to division and long division next week. If you don't know your math facts you should still practice them at home" -Audrey

Science-"We are working on the 6 main biomes of the world which are the Tundra, Taiga, Deciduous Forest, Grasslands, Tropical Rainforest and Desert.  We have been learning about the weather location plants and animals of each biome.  We will be having a test on Wednesday the 25th and should probably study for it. " -Catherine

Writing-"We have been working on fiction stories this week and are trying to show not tell what happens.  We also are supposed to put some dialogue, similes & metaphors, transition words, and double check that we have punctuation and more than one long paragraph. On Monday we are starting opinion writing"-Jack
Spelling Test 10/26 

Reading- "We have learned about double sided jots and have been jotting while we read. We have been talking about characters and how they change and we still need to practice jotting while we are at home." -Georgia 

Important Dates: 
Monday 10/23 -Picture retake day
Tuesday & Thursday 24, 26, -Parent Teacher Conferences
Thursday-Early Release
Friday-No School 

10/30-Pumpkin Day (Please send your child with a Pie pumpkin for activities across all subjects, I will cut them open, no worries, you may send plastic spoon if you would like but please no other carving supplies)

10/31- 2:30 Halloween Parade followed by classroom parties.

Monday, October 9, 2017

This week in 4B...

I heard about lots of fun fall festivals and activities over the weekend! :)
We have a busy week this week!

Math-We are pretesting and beginning Unit 3 on multiplication and division.  Keep practicing those math facts at home :)

Reading- We are transitioning into Story Elements and how to have conversations in book clubs and partnerships.
*We will have our spelling test over List #3 on Friday.

Writing-We are finishing up our personal narrative unit this week.  We have written, revised & edited several stories and I'm SO proud of these amazing authors in 4B!  Homework for tonight is to practice writing, revising and editing in one sitting to practice for their writing assessment.  Keep an eye out for their writing folder coming home (it has a checklist of what should be included in their story.)

Science-We will have a test on Wednesday over Ecosystems.  We will play a review game tomorrow and everything they need to study will come home in their Science notebooks tonight and tomorrow.

Reminders & Important Dates:
-Wednesday, 10/11 MILE RUN in PE
(Our PE time is at the end of the day 3-3:30 if you would like to come cheer them on.)

-Thursday 10/12 FIELD TRIP we are going to the CAVE :)
Please return field trip permission slips tomorrow if you have not already.  We have our 3 parent volunteers allowed for our class, If you volunteered please bring $10 for your admission into the cave.  Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes and brings a jacket, it can get a little chilly.

-Friday, 10/13 EARLY RELEASE DAY

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Fire Prevention Week!

We learned all about the equipment firefighters wear!

We loved the geothermal gear! :)

Monday, October 2, 2017

Peer Editing & Revising

This Week in 4B...

What another great weather weekend! I hope you all had some fun outside!
Here's what we are up to this week:

Math- We are finishing up our area model multiplication and moving onto multi digit multiplication (2 digits by 2 digits) (3 digits by 2 digits).

Reading- We are still working on jotting while we read, thinking about the characters (what they say, do, feel & think).  Your child should be jotting at least a page for every chapter in their just right book. Spelling list #3 is coming home today.  Spelling assignments are usually completed in class but I am having them keep them in the back of their take home binders so we can locate them easily.  Our test will be October 13th.

Writing-We just finished taking a personal narrative through the entire writing process.  We are focusing on how to use quotation marks this week and adding more details to our stories.  Check your child's writer's notebooks, their homework tonight is to write another personal narrative (ideas are in the back of their notebooks if they need help).  We will take another writing piece through the writing process this week.

Science-We are working on Missouri Ecosystems in Science.  So far we have learned about the three types of ecosystems, animal adaptations, producers, consumers, decomposers, herbivores, omnivores, carnivores.  Up next we will learn about the food chain and how humans impact food chains.

*Tomorrow is Fire Prevention Day- Ladue firefighters will be visiting us to do demonstrations with their equipment.
*Panther Day is Friday! Your child knows what team they are on, have them wear blue or white depending on their team color and dress for outdoor activities with tennis shoes please.

Monday, September 18, 2017

This Week in 4B....

We are learning: 
Reading: We are working on the parts of a story (intro, plot, problem, climax, resolution, conclusion) as well as synthesizing. 
Writing: We are working on personal narratives (stories about our lives) This week we will focus on adding strong intros, conclusions, and similes/metaphors to our rough drafts.
Spelling will be a two week unit our test will be next Friday the 29th.
Math:  We are working on Chapter 2 which includes estimation, multiples, factors, prime and composite numbers.  Encourage your child to be practicing their multiplication and division facts each night until they have them fluently, it will help us out significantly in this chapter. 

Social Studies: We are finishing up our geography unit and will have a test on Wednesday the 20th. Study guides and notebooks should be coming home to study.  We will be reviewing as well tomorrow in class. 

 Important Dates:
9/20 Social Studies Test
9/21 Library day (return books to school)
10/6 Panther Day 
10/13 Early Release Day
10/22 Fall Festival 
10/24 and 10/26 Parent Teacher Conferences

Sign up for Fall conferences here: