Monday, February 13, 2017

A few quick updates...

-Tomorrow we have our Valentine's Party from 2:45-3:30
-Math Test Wednesday (Study guides due tom.-I gave the correct answers so that they could check their work.)
-No School Friday and Monday (Professional Development & President's Day)
-No spelling this week! Make sure to check your child's reading and writing notebook for their daily entries and "jots"

Friday, February 3, 2017

Question stems for reading "jots"

This Week in 4B!

In Math we are working on Geometry part 2 which includes measuring & drawing angles and finding area & perimeter.  Our part 2 test over theses areas will be Thursday, the 16th.  PROTRACTORS must come back and forth from school and home each day.  I only have enough protractors for each student to have one.  I had 7 students today who think they left theirs at home so be on the lookout for them please.  :) 
In Reading we are loving historical fiction book clubs.  We are also reading Number the Stars as are read aloud and students are practicing their "stop and jot" skills.  They should be practicing this skill with their independent books as well as their book club books.   

We are working on Informational Writing and being researchers.  So far we have researched a topic of choice and turned our research into an outline and then paragraphs.  Please remind your child to be writing in their Writer's notebooks each night. 

Lewis and Clark is our current unit in Social Studies.  We have a keelboat that we outlined in the hallway so we could visualize what kind of boat they traveled on.  Next we will be heading West for Westward Expansion. 

4B has Science with Mrs. Grasser where they are learning about the human body and the various systems. 

Important Dates: 
2/14-Valentine parties (class lists went home yesterday) 
2/16 -Geometry Math test
2/17-No School (Professional Development) 
2/20-No School (President's Day)
May 3rd-Jeff City Field Trip